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Bev grew up with a mother that didn’t give a shit, a father that spanked her bare bottom with his hand and a belt, even as a teenager. In high school a male teacher had a deal with the principal, where she would get sent to the office for a spanking, even for the slightest infraction, or no infraction, usually twice a week. She started blowing the principal to get out of the spanking, and sucked off the teacher on a regular basis. After her boyfriend got a blowjob from her, by the next week she had sucked off 25 of his friends. She sucked off the football team on the bus to games, and the highlight of her senior year was when she blew the entire team after the homecoming game. This all happened with the full knowledge of the coaches, who used her as a motivational tool. Two fathers of her friends also fucked the hell out of her. In that small Arkansas town, it was not a secret, that seemingly everyone was in on, even the women, that this slut could be used sexually for any purpose at anytime. Have a son you can’t control, use Bev as a reward for good behavior. Your wife not putting out? Get Bev to drain your balls. At the local lodge, several men got her in a back room, and during the evening they would take turns having sex with her. Her moaning could be heard during the meeting. Her mother one time sent her to the store, and told her to just talk to the manager instead of paying. Obviously he took it out in trade. This slut has been degraded, abused, and humiliated for a long time. I just want to say thank you to all those men, so we have Bev to continue to degrade through the Internet. Thanks for rebloging.

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Spreading the hairy stuff

This housewife is all business

Springtime with the fresh flower blooms and the lovely pussy petals on display

Hey there cutie, whatch’a doin’?

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